Pokalsky tell Bloomberg News – Report backed by unions was a jumbled message

In an article by Jerry Silverman of Bloomberg News (BNA), Ken Pokalsky, Vice President for Government Affairs said of a new report backed by unions looking to overhaul the tax system to put a great burden on New Yorks business – “It is not new, and not surprising that public employee unions want to raise taxes and increase governmental spending. Their objective is clear, but their message is jumbled – “help NY create jobs” but renege on tax credits for business investing and creating jobs; “level the playing field” for small business, but raise income taxes that small business pays, etc. 

Ken Pokalsky, Vice President of Government Affairs, The Business Council of New York State, Inc.


Business directly pays about one-third of all state and local taxes in New York State – income taxes, property taxes, sales taxes, energy taxes, etc. They also create the wealth that allows them to pay employees who pay the rest of the taxes. New York has long trailed the nation in creating good-paying jobs, and raising business taxes hardly helps improve New York’s competitiveness.”

The union backed coalition is proposing specific reforms in a number of areas including:

• No Tax Subsidies for Companies that Outsource Jobs

• No Free Lunch for Big Multi-State & Multinational Corporations

• Tax Breaks for Creating Jobs – Not for Eliminating Them

• Press “Pause” on Tax Cuts and Impose Gap Elimination Adjustments for Corporate Tax Breaks

• Tax Fairness for Romney-Style Investors

The article appears  on page H-3 in Bloomberg BNA’s Daily Report for Executives. (subscription based)

One thought on “Pokalsky tell Bloomberg News – Report backed by unions was a jumbled message

  1. Did the union coalition report and/or Bloomberg News story actually say “Romney-Style Investors”? If so, that is some serious villification of actions that have never been seriously alleged to be illegal. Kind of tries to equate an honest, decent guy like Romney with Ponzi (of Ponzi scheme fame) and Bernie Madoff! Despicable (if true).

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