Zogby Poll: Obama still with positive job rating

This from  Zogby Analytics – “The latest nationwide poll of likely voters by Zogby Analytics shows a majority (51%) approving of President Barack Obama’s job performance. A substantial minority (46%) disapprove of his performance. The new Zogby Poll, conducted online of a random sample of 1500 likely voters on February 27, reveals that the President is holding on to the base of supporters that re-elected him last November.

Women (55% approve, 42% disapprove) are more favorable toward Mr. Obama than men (46%-51%), and support for the President starts high among younger voters (54%-40%) and steadily declines with age. Hispanic voters, who gave the President 71% of their vote in 2012, have increased their positive view of his job by 7 points – 78% approve, while 20% disapprove. African American voters approve 89% to 10%.

Significantly, the President obtains majority support among several key groups: Catholics (53%-46%), the Investor Class (54%-45%), the Creative Class (59%-38%), and NASCAR fans (52%-46%).

Thus the President’s numbers remain good despite the sequestration and the new poll showing that only 35% now see the United States heading in the right direction and 54% feeling that things are on the wrong track. Those numbers are substantially lower than immediately after Mr. Obama’s re-election.”

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