Briccetti on Tax-Free NY plan

The Business Council released a statement yesterday on Governor Cuomo’s Tax-Free NY plan.  The plan will allow nearly all SUNY campuses and private universities to be tax-free havens for startups, companies moving to the state, or firms looking to expand their business. Income taxes would be waived for a 10-year period.  The Times Union featured Heather Briccetti, president and CEO of The Business Council, in an article today on the plan. Briccetti said, “It is an innovative approach and illustrates that we can and should do more to make the state’s overall economic climate more competitive.”

6 thoughts on “Briccetti on Tax-Free NY plan

  1. What exactly do we mean when we use the oft repeated words: “make the state’s overall economic climate more competitive” ?

    At this moment in time, we are competitive and we are positioned well for sustainability if not growth. Why do we continue to hear those words from a bygone era? Why do we continue to divert tax dollars to “encourage” business activity when our towns and cities can’t pay their bills?

    Kathleen raises a good question about valuing one segment of the private sector over others. The gov’s plan is window dressing but it is still demoralizing to the rest of us. It will only encourage other segments to come running with hands outstretched.

  2. Why would the Business Council support this? Why not back up the businesses that are ALREADY here. This was particularly had to hear as we had just gotten our first tax bill without our Empire Zone protection. We need help, and we need it fast… And- how does giving new businesses a 10 year tax free ticket make our current business base competitive?

  3. The Business Council supports this because it’s where the lights and cameras are at the moment. Don’t forget; they operate inside the bubble with our politicians. They have not lived out here in the wild; therefore, we can’t expect them to be able to distinguish predator from prey.

  4. As a member of the Business council and a small business owner I think that the council should reserve comments until there is much more information, the devil is in the details. I agree with the above comments. What about exisiting businesses and let’s look at all the vacant properties around the state, why not encourage expanding/new start ups to renovate or occupy existing property. I understand the thought process behind being near educational institutions for potential intellectual transfer, but many different partnerships can be developed between educational institutions and business even if not located on the same campus. Point in case is the Alfred/Corning Incorporated incubator in Painted Post NY, they are 60 miles from Alfred University. I am all for innovative thinking, but let’s get more details.

    Rick Maxa
    Owner – Bottles & Corks LLC Corning NY
    Owner – Market St. Lofts LLC Corning NY
    Director of Sales NYS – Kenneth Crosby Industrial Supply Co.

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