Capital Region leaders say growing skills gap will leave more students unprepared for jobs

Workforce development has been one of The Business Council’s leading concerns as more and more of it members report a shortage of workers with skills to fill high-skill jobs. On its Education and Workforce Development committee webpage, The Business Council wrote about the importance of training individuals in STEM fields — science, technology, engineering and math — “[it’s] critical if we want to stay competitive in the global economy. The Business Council supports initiatives that foster the development of a 21st century workforce, ensure that students are well prepared for entrance into college and career, and strengthen partnerships between private-sector companies, colleges and local school districts.”

In a report in the Times Union, Eric Anderson cited a report by America’s Edge, “a business-supported organization that advocates investments in education, they warned that the state will eventually face a shortage of 350,000 workers with the skills to fill so-called “middle-skill” jobs, those that require training beyond high school but not a bachelor’s degree.”

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One thought on “Capital Region leaders say growing skills gap will leave more students unprepared for jobs

  1. I would suggest that the Capital Region leaders educate themselves better on the true nature of the Common Core before they go endorsing it. It’s truly bad for our children, bad for our schools, and bad for states with high education standards because it dumbs us down to a common level with everyone else. The national standards are VAGUE and lack the academic rigor of the standards in Massachusetts and a number of other states. It amounts to “snatching mediocrity from the jaws of excellence”. Common Core standards are NOT considered among the best standards in the nation, and the CCI robs the states of the soverign right to raise state standards in the future.
    The pricetag alone for CCSS going forward will become too much for any school district to bear. When Federal funding goes away in 2015, states will be left to fend for themselves, needing billions of extra dollars just to keep in compliance with the standards. Where is all of this money going to come from? What will we lose next – sports, library class, gym, music, art?? There has been NO cost analysis, legal analysis, legislative input or public input regarding CCI.
    The Common Core iniative “represents an overreach of federal power into personal privacy as well as into state educational autonomy”. The DOE has eviscerated the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)by issuing new regulations that allows NON-CONSENSUAL tracking and sharing of children’s PERSONAL data with other federal agencies, with governments agencies in other states, AND WITH PRIVATE ENTITIES.
    HOW is ANY of this good for anyone?? Please – I would love you to tell me!

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