Touchscreen sensor manufacturing to bring jobs to Rochester

Eastman Kodak Co. and Kingsbury Corp. have announced a joint project to make touchscreen sensors that will create about 200 jobs over a three year period.

Kingsbury Corp. will invest about $10 million to create the new facility in the Eastman Business Park that will use new technology to manufacture touchscreen sensors that increase applications and reduce costs.

One thought on “Touchscreen sensor manufacturing to bring jobs to Rochester

  1. Love to see New York getting more techy, it is weird to see al the start ups in the silicon valley and the suburbs of Philly and not have the tech scene bursting at the seems in and around New York City, but this is encouraging news for all of us New Yorkers. let’s hope it continues. The project should then include something for local developers to use this touch screen with, any idea if it does?

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