Campuses evaluating space for START-UP NY

State and local college officials are planning for START-UP NY that begins Jan. 1. All 64 campuses have completed an analysis on where the tax-free zones could be located.

Companies participating in START-UP NY will see tax relief for 10 years and employees of those companies will not pay income taxes for the first five years.

To qualify, companies must create and maintain new jobs. START-UP NY will be open until Dec. 31, 2020.

David Mihalyov, chief communication officer for The College at Brockport told the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle, “I think it’s very important for a campus and its surrounding community to really develop the shared understanding of how it wants to advance this… It forces campuses to engage in a less introspective conversation, and one that’s recognizing we’re part of a community. We have a pretty big footprint and we need to be developing and evolving our facility in concert.”

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