Education commissioner wants authority to oversee school boards

New York’s Education Commissioner John King wants the state legislature to pass a bill, giving the Board of Regents the authority to take over school boards in districts that do not meet certain academic benchmarks.

The proposal outlines a three-step process with a takeover being the last step if a district continues to fail to implement mandated changes. King said it was targeted at chronically under-performing schools who miss deadlines to enact acceptable plans.

The Business Council of New York State believes that schools must produce graduates who are ready for college or career training and supports both a Common Core curriculum and greater accountability at the school district level to better prepare New York’s future workforce.

One thought on “Education commissioner wants authority to oversee school boards

  1. Considering the fantastic job that the State Education department is doing now, I am 100% confident that with increased authority to micromanage, John King can bring us all to dizzying heights of success. That whole “local control” and “democracy” thing is SO 1776.

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