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IOGA of NY’s fourth Natural Gas Number

Today, IOGA of NY released its fourth Natural Gas Number. The number, 15,300, represents the number of unemployed New Yorkers residing in four counties along the Pennsylvania border.

Opportunity abounds across many employment categories in other states, from lower-skilled positions to PhD-level scientists and researchers, said John Holko, president of Lenape Resources and an IOGA of NY director and spokesman.

“Not all jobs in the oil and gas field require advanced academic degrees and scientific credentials. Laborers, landscapers, truck drivers, heavy equipment operators and more than 100 other job titles serve the industry,” Holko said. “After some training, many of those 15,300 people could have job opportunities in a relatively short period of time. But those jobs are in Pennsylvania, Ohio, North Dakota, and in nearly 30 other states that produce oil and gas. Industry activity is yielding entrepreneurial incentives for trade schools, colleges and other businesses, which are eagerly adapting to train and educate a new generation of workers. New York is being left behind, and so is its workforce.”

The “Natural Gas Number” series highlights significant dates and data points demonstrating what New York has lost, and what other states have gained, since the American natural gas boom began. Today marks the 1,896th day since the moratorium was imposed.

Third Annual MWBE Forum

Small business owners looking to create new jobs and growth opportunities will find tools to help them succeed at New York State’s third annual MWBE Forum on October 3-4 at the Empire State Convention Center in Albany.  The Forum is the largest statewide business event for minority and women owned businesses.

“One of New York’s greatest strengths is the diversity and entrepreneurial spirit of our state’s small business owners,” said Governor Andrew M. Cuomo. “We are organizing forums like this to capitalize on that strength by bringing together leaders in the public and private sectors to share their experience, knowledge and connections with minority- and women-owned businesses. I encourage all interested businesses and individuals to attend the third annual MWBE forum to learn how they can increase their competitiveness and pursue further opportunities for growth.”

The Forum provides emerging businesses with the opportunity to learn about the New York State procurement process, attend information sessions and connect with decision makers from both the public and private sectors to grow their business and increase competitiveness.  To read more, click here.

Health exchanges open tomorrow

Tomorrow New Yorkers, and Americans nationwide, will be able to purchase insurance from state health exchanges under the Affordable Care Act.  While employers have already seen increasing costs from ObamaCare, multiple news sources are reporting on the impact of implementation. The New York Post says the launch of the exchanges will be “ugly” and there is a looming government shutdown as Republicans seek to delay the measures.

The New York Post writes that the exchanges are already falling short given the pressure the plan puts on employers and premiums will vary widely depending on location.

The Post article states, “Comparing the data from that HHS release with current premiums, one study found that a young person would face an average increase of roughly 76 percent, while a 40-year-old would see an average increase of 80 percent.”

Critics of ObamaCare also warn that although individual health insurance under the plan may be less now, rate increases are on the way and those in the program will face a limited choice of doctors.

Diversity and inclusion leaders to meet

Businesses interested in learning about and applying the latest diversity and inclusion initiatives from across the country can review the agenda of and plan to attend the New York State Society for Human Resource Management’s 2013 NYSSHRM Diversity & Inclusion Leadership Conference scheduled for Sunday and Monday, October 6 and 7, at the Turning Stone Casino in Verona, N.Y.

Conference program details and the full program brochure can be found here. For any questions about the conference, please email

GE deal with Algeria — $2.7 billion turbine order

The country of Algeria placed a $2.7 billion order with GE in Schenectady, N.Y. for power plant turbines and generators — one of the largest orders in GE’s history.

The GE plant in Schenectady will produce 12 steam turbines for six new combined-cycle power plants being built in Algeria.

GE spokeswoman Chris Horne told The Times Union that “steam turbines each take between 12 and 18 months to build, and that the Algerian order will provide ‘a significant portion’ of the factory’s work over the next two years.”

The Schenectady plant employs 1,150 hourly workers —450 of which have been hired over the past two years.

GE will earn $1.9 billion for supplying six Algerian plants with turbines that will power as many as 8 million homes in addition to supplying mobile gas turbines and other power plant equipment.

Farm Aid concertgoers “Taste NY”

Farm Aid concertgoers got to “Taste NY” this past weekend at the venue in Saratoga Springs.

Products included:

  • Empire Brewing      Company (Syracuse)
  • Brown’s      Brewing Co. (Troy)
  • Saranac      Brewery (Utica)
  • Lake Placid      Brewery (Lake Placid)
  • Captain      Lawrence Brewing Company (Elmsford)
  • Brooklyn      Brewery (Brooklyn)
  • Davidson      Brothers Brewing Company (Glens Falls)
  • Adirondack      Brewery (Lake George)
  • McKenzie’s      Hard Cider (Buffalo)
  • Swedish Hill      Winery (Romulus)
  • Hazlitt 1852      Vineyards (Hector
  • Bedell Cellars      (Cutchogue)


“There may be no better venue to showcase New York’s wine, beer and cider than at the Farm Aid 2013 concert as we celebrate the history and role of agriculture in our state and country,” Governor Cuomo said. “Not only will there be great music at the event, but also some of the best food and drink to enjoy here in New York – so I encourage concertgoers to stop by the ‘Taste NY’ tent to sample these local products and support our producers and farmers.”

“Taste NY” was launched by Governor Cuomo to highlight New York’s food and beverage industry. Its goal is to make the wide variety of foods made and grown in the state readily available and recognizable to New York residents, tourists and the world. “Taste NY” is also a major component of the Governor’s $60 million tourism campaign – the largest such campaign in decades.

For more information about “Taste NY,” visit For more information about Farm Aid 2013, visit


Moreland Commission hearing in Albany

The Moreland Commission’s Tuesday, September 24, hearing from 6:00 p.m. –  9:00 p.m. in Albany has been moved to Meeting Room 6 on the Empire State Plaza concourse to allow for more attendees.

Tuesday’s hearing will focus on campaign finance, outside income of state elected officials and political party housekeeping accounts.

Various groups will present testimony related to campaign finance, outside income of state elected officials or political party housekeeping accounts.

Repeal annual wage notification rule

One of the legislative issues that The Business Council has fought hard on this year is repealing the annual wage notification requirement in the Wage Theft Prevention Act. The annual notification requires employers to notify, in writing, the annual wage being paid to each worker.

Central New York business leaders addressed the issue again at a regulatory hearing held by the New York State Senate in Central New York. Sen. John DeFrancisco (R-Syracuse) agreed with businesses who said the law should be repealed, calling the requirement “a poster child of ridiculousness.”

The repeal was blocked at the end of this year’s legislative session even though measures to repeal had passed the Senate with bipartisan support in late June and had 62 bi-partisan sponsors in the Assembly.

NY job climate in 2015

The New York Post is warning that New York state will lose thousands of “well-paid back-office, finance, tech and manufacturing jobs over the next 48 months.”

The article points out that although New York has recovered all the jobs it lost during the 2008 recession, the new jobs are lower-paying jobs just above minimum wage and don’t have the same benefits.

According to research by The Hackett Group, a global strategic advisory firm, firms are not replacing employees that quit or retire. The company projects that North American job losses will total 1.85 million between 2002 to 2017, hundreds of thousands of them in New York.

Manufacturing employment declined in New York by 3.6 percent for the 12 months ending in June 2013.

Bringing back New York as a manufacturing state will be the central focus of The Business Council’s 2013 Annual Meeting being held this week at The Sagamore Resort in Bolton Landing.