Health exchanges open tomorrow

Tomorrow New Yorkers, and Americans nationwide, will be able to purchase insurance from state health exchanges under the Affordable Care Act.  While employers have already seen increasing costs from ObamaCare, multiple news sources are reporting on the impact of implementation. The New York Post says the launch of the exchanges will be “ugly” and there is a looming government shutdown as Republicans seek to delay the measures.

The New York Post writes that the exchanges are already falling short given the pressure the plan puts on employers and premiums will vary widely depending on location.

The Post article states, “Comparing the data from that HHS release with current premiums, one study found that a young person would face an average increase of roughly 76 percent, while a 40-year-old would see an average increase of 80 percent.”

Critics of ObamaCare also warn that although individual health insurance under the plan may be less now, rate increases are on the way and those in the program will face a limited choice of doctors.

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