Superstorm Sandy anniversary

As New York state and other states impacted by Superstorm Sandy mark the first anniversary today, Governor Cuomo announced a new Sandy Tourism Campaign called “Come See the Comeback” to promote tourism in recovering communities.

The campaign highlights the progress these communities have made in rebuilding after the storm and that they are ready to welcome visitors once again. The campaign features MTA transit discounts and promotions to promote travel.  A series of ads were also unveiled featuring recovering on Long Island, New York City and upstate communities.

Today, to mark the anniversary of Sandy,  the MTA is also offering free rides on the A subway line between Howard Beach and the Rockaway Peninsula and stations on the R subway line between Bay Ridge-95th Street and Court Street.

The Governor also announced $815 million in funding for a series of Superstorm Sandy recovery and rebuilding infrastructure projects on Long Island. These projects include rehabilitating wastewater treatment plants, upgrading Long Island’s utility system, creating microgrids to meet energy needs, and strengthening vulnerable bridges for future severe weather.


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