Casino vote next week

AR-131039867NY Jobs Now continued its effort this week to let New Yorkers know of the economic benefits that expanded casino gaming venues could bring to the state.  At a press conference yesterday in Saratoga, Business Council of New York State Vice President of Government Affairs Ken Pokalsky (pictured) urged voters to vote “yes” on vote on Proposal 1 when they head to the polls next week.

Heather C.Briccetti, Esq. president and CEO of the Business Council of New York State, who represented the group today at an event on the issue in New York City said, “This year, business and labor, Democrats and Republicans are working together to bring back the more than $1.2 billion New Yorkers spend every year at nearby gaming resorts across the state line.  It’s time we bring that kind of money home to create jobs, support schools, and take property tax pressure off our towns and cities.”

Proposal 1 would authorize four additional casinos in New York state and bring an estimated 10,000 new jobs.  Revenue from the casinos would benefit local municipalities and school systems.

2 thoughts on “Casino vote next week

  1. Fortunately or unfortunately I am old enough to remember when the state promised that the Lottery would be this awesome way to support schools and therefore reduce school taxes. Sorry, but this fish smells the same way. I don’t expect anything positive to come out of more casinos around NYS. I for sure won’t hold my breath waiting to see my NYS taxes go down.

  2. I too expected the state lottery to directly support education within the state. Which was the reason I supported it. Instead, it goes into the General Fund for whatever reason. I would like to see how the existing casino’s revenues have positively impacted the tax base in their regions.

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