NYC Foam ban hearing

The Business Council joined restaurant owners, business leaders, and community members yesterday at a hearing in New York City to voice opposition to a proposed ban the sale of polystyrene foam foodservice products.

The ban was introduced and supported by the Bloomberg Administration earlier this year. Business owners spoke about the potential for increased costs and reduced bottom lines if the New York City Council moves forward on the proposed ban.

“The Business Council of New York State is pleased to join with large and small businesses from across New York State to urge the City Council to reject an ill-conceived prohibition to a widely used, safe, clean, and recyclable product,” said Darren Suarez, Director of Government Affairs for The Business Council.

Styrene toxicology expert George Cruzan also testified at the hearing about the scientific consensus that polystyrene foam foodservice products are completely safe for consumers. Based on scientific tests over five decades, government safety agencies have determined that polystyrene is safe for use in foodservice products.  In 2011, Dr. Linda Birnbaum, Ph.D., Director, U.S. National Toxicology Program told the Associated Press that the levels of styrene from polystyrene containers “are hundreds if not thousands of times lower than have occurred in the occupational setting…In finished products, certainly styrene is not an issue.”

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