Xerox moves scanner facility from China to Canandaigua

Gannett News Service is reporting that Business Council member Xerox will relocate a manufacturing operation from China to the nanotechnology center in Canandaigua.

Reporter Joe Spector writes the move will mean 100 jobs over five years at the growing SUNY College of Nanoscale Science and Engineering (CNSE) Smart System Technology & Commercialization Center in Canandaigua. The state will provide $750,000 to the Canandaigua Center to help set up the new facility.

Xerox is negotiating a five-year contract agreement with the college to purchase optical scanners once the production line is transferred to the Canandaigua site. The jobs are expected to be researchers, engineers and technicians employed by the college and Xerox.

“As a global company, we manufacture around the world and have made the decision to bring this optics assembly project to New York where we can invest locally for key scanning technology requirements,” said Lee Nunziato, Xerox’s technology procurement manager.

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