Scaffold law reform issue ad takes a different approach

Newsday columnist Dan Janison is noticing a different approach and message in a radio “issue ad” supporting Scaffold Law reform. He describes the appeal to the Governor and Legislature for repeal of the law as “honey rather than vinegar.”

Janison writes, “The car radio is tuned to a news station and you hear a male voice launch into a commercial.

‘”Governor Cuomo is helping lead New York in the right direction,” the narrator exclaims, “working to create jobs and cut taxes, making New York more competitive.”
“Oh, but wait. The ad’s narrator is changing course.

‘”We need more reforms,” he says next. “Like changing the outdated scaffold law. Our unfair scaffold law drives up property taxes and rent for every New Yorker. Because of the scaffold law, the cost of public projects like the Tappan Zee Bridge and local schools is skyrocketing.”

“It is striking to hear explicit praise for a re-election-seeking incumbent as a preface to a so-called issue ad. It sounds starkly different from the 1199/SEIU attack ads against health care cuts in 2007 that helped drive down then-Gov. Eliot Spitzer’s approval ratings.”

You can read the entire column here.

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