Business Council’s Ken Pokalsky on Governor Cuomo’s Bank Tax Plan



Ken Pokalsky, The Business Council’s vice president of government affairs, spoke to the Time Warner Cable News show Capital Tonight about the New York State Senate and Assembly one-house budget resolutions that modify Governor Cuomo’s bank tax.

Pokalsky highlighted how changing the bank tax will help keep jobs in New York and boost the economy noting that most states don’t have a separate bank tax and that the proposed changes are the same as changes that happened ten years ago for corporations doing business in NY. Since 1990, nationwide bank jobs have increased by 200,000 but New York state has lost 100,000 bank jobs during that time.

Watch the full interview on the Time Warner Cable news website (TWC ID required).

Pokalsky also spoke out on the issue on WCNY’s Capitol Pressroom earlier in the week.  Listen to the interview on WCNY’s website (starts at 13:30).

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