GlobalFoundries and Samsung to make advanced computer chips

Business Council member GlobalFoundries is teaming up with Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. of Korea to jointly produce a more advanced computer chip, which means more work for the GlobalFoundries’ expanding factory in Malta, NY.

GlobalFoundries will license Samsung technology as the two companies prepare to produce computer chips that are smaller, faster and use less power. In industry terminology the technology is known as 14 nanometer FinFET.

Samsung will make the chips at its foundries in Korea and Austin, Texas, while GlobalFoundries would make them in Malta.

“This represents a very strategic relationship with a world leader in the mobile space and is great news for Fab 8 in N.Y. and GlobalFoundries in general,” the company said in a statement.

The partnership is viewed in the industry as a push to compete with Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Corp., the largest contract computer chip maker in the world.

You can read the GlobalFoundries news release here.

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