Advancing manufacturing creates jobs

It’s an exciting time for manufacturing in New York state. With multiple programs and resources focused on revitalizing the manufacturing economy across the state, start-ups and stalwarts are collaborating with a rich network of resources to integrate innovative technology into their processes and products. This is an important development because manufacturing has such a significant positive impact on jobs and the economy.

Many members of The Business Council are leading this transformation in manufacturing.

Business Council member FuzeHub connects New York’s small and mid-sized manufacturers to resources, programs and expertise they need to commercialize technology, which is the first advanced manufacturing step. FuzeHub was created last year through a partnership between Empire State Development and the U.S. Department of Commerce. Companies can connect with FuzeHub solution experts online, and through one-on-one meetings, to access the broad range of resources available to help grow their businesses. If you would like to know more about FuzeHub, please go to

FIRST Robotics Competitions hit New York helping students, like those pictured here, prepare to become part of the skilled workforce of tomorrow.
FIRST Robotics Competitions hit New York helping students, like those pictured here, prepare to become part of the skilled workforce of tomorrow.


Another example involves one of the state’s iconic manufacturing companies, Business Council member General Electric (GE). GE and an innovative start-up, Quirky, have partnered to develop “the world’s smartest air conditioner.” It knows you’re on your way home through a smartphone application, saving you energy by turning itself on and cooling your house before you arrive. Another member of The Business Council, Con Edison, is looking to offer a rebate to New York City dwellers who use the product because of its energy-saving potential.

As Mark Little, GE global research director described it recently; GE is combining its “technical might and skill with a start-up company that has tremendous energy to innovate around the world. This is a combination that can’t be beat.”

Quirky gives anybody with an idea, the potential to be an inventor. As profiled in New York Magazine the company allows people to submit ideas that are votes on by the public, choices are narrowed down and voting continues until three final choices are put into development during a weekly Webcast each Thursday night. The idea for an air conditioner produced by GE and Quirky was one of those ideas.

Through these kinds of partnerships and innovative approaches, manufacturing is creating jobs for highly skilled, tech-savvy workers.

The Business Council is also helping in many ways: by winning significant tax reform for manufacturers and other businesses; by advocating for higher academic standards and workforce development programs to ensure a steady supply of skilled workers; and by spreading the word that today’s manufacturing jobs are not at all like your grandfather’s manufacturing job.

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