High Achievement New York to launch campaign

HighAchieveHigh Achievement New York, a statewide educational organization that includes The Business Council of New York State, will launch an advertising campaign in the coming months to educate business leaders about the benefits of the Common Core Learning Standards.

Frank Thomas, High Achievement New York’s  executive director told reporter Jessica Bakeman of Capital New York, “We want every child to have a chance at a great education, and that is why community leaders, educators and businesses have joined together to ensure that the high standards and dedication to excellence that the Common Core promotes make it into every classroom.”

Businesses frequently cite the mismatch in skills between graduates and open positions highlighting the shortage of technical skills and other “workplace skills,” such as time management, problem solving or teamwork. Educational initiatives that prepare students for the workforce and address the “skills gap” are a priority for The Business Council.

Business Council President and CEO Heather C. Briccetti, Esq., also spoke with Bakeman. Highlighting why Common Core Learning Standards are important to The Business Council’s membership, she stressed that businesses are focused on students having the skills they need when they graduate college. She also added that business leaders should not be, “distracted by some of the arguments that are being raised in the pain of transition.”

The campaign announcement comes on the heels of Education Commissioner John King’s speech to the Association for a Better New York on Wednesday. King called on business leaders to support the Common Core Learning Standards saying, “Your leadership is essential to achieving this goal.”

Each year approximately 140,000 students graduate unprepared for college or the workforce. The Business Council believes that business has a a responsibility to help students achieve their best. The importance of fostering career and workforce readiness for students is crucial to New York’s economic competitiveness, which depends on its skilled workforce.

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