Election results show support for natural gas development

Supporters of natural gas development are pointing to election victories by supporters of gas drilling as evidence of strong voter support for natural gas development.

Karen Moreau of the New York State Petroleum Council said G.O.P. victories across the nation and in upstate New York demonstrated strong support for natural gas drilling here. She said Democrats and Republicans alike in other states supported natural gas development.

“These states are seeing the benefits and ability of the oil and natural gas industry to responsibly develop American energy,” Moreau said. ”

The Joint Landowner’s Coalition of New York, a pro-drilling group based in the gas-rich Southern Tier, attributed support for natural gas drilling to some key Republican victories including State Senator Tom Libous of Binghamton and Rep. Tom Reed.

“These election results are a clear mandate,” he said. “The people of the Southern Tier want what’s best for upstate New York—safe, responsible natural gas development which will help clean the air, provide jobs and restore our communities,” coalition president Dan Fitzsimmons said.