New York schools among least efficient when it comes to educating fourth and eighth graders

A survey rating the efficiency of the nation’s largest public school systems finds many in New York are among the least efficient.

Wallet Hub, a social media company that allows people to search for and compare financial products and that also does all kinds of public data-based state and local rankings, is out with a new ranking of the most and least efficient public systems.

They used a simple method to calculate efficiency — measuring fourth and eighth grade test scores and pitting that against the cost per-student. They did, however make adjustments for poverty, median income, single parent families and families where English is not the primary language.

What they found is not encouraging for New York: Five of the 10 least-efficient school systems were in the Empire State, with Syracuse, New York, Buffalo, Yonkers and Rochester taking those low spots.

The most efficient were largely in the Sun Belt or South, though several large northern cities with socio-economic pressures similar to the New York schools, were significantly more efficient than the New York districts including Philadelphia and Pittsburgh in Pennsylvania and Grand Rapids and Detroit in Michigan.

You can find the full report on the ranking here.