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New apples introduced

DragonSnap and RubyFrost are the names of two new apples that were given official names yesterday by Cornell University.  The apples went through years of development and testing through Cornell University’s New York State Agricultural Experiment Station in Geneva.

Cornell has created 68 apple varieties since the 1890s. The new apple breeds will be grown only in New York State for the first several years before they will be able to be grown in other areas of North America.

Bill to promote NY-grown products in restaurants passes Senate, Assembly

The Business Council has long supported the Dine: Pride of New York Program bill that was passed by both the Senate and Assembly Thursday. In a bill memo supporting the measure, The Business Council wrote, “Eating organic, the local food movement, and agri-tourism have all contributed to helping local restaurants succeed. The Business Council supports the Dine: Pride of New York program for continuing to find creative ways to bolster New York’s top industries.” Specifically, the memo notes, “This new program is intended to specifically help promote restaurants that use a substantial amount of New York State grown and manufactured ingredients in their menus. Although restaurants are permitted to apply and participate in the original program, the new Dine: Pride of New York program is specifically tailored to restaurants, and the promotional materials and marketing efforts can be used to attract both in-state residents and visiting tourists.”

Indeed, The Business Council’s own Made in New York initiative has gained much attention because of renewed interest by consumers to buy locally. Take a look at our Made in New York website and consider becoming a part of the Made in New York Movement. Promote your business, promote your products, promote New York.

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Schumer: Immigration bill would help ease labor shortage

Mark Weiner of Syracuse.Com (The Post-Standard) report on the immigration bill supported by U.S. Senator Chuck Schumer highlights the effect its passage would have on New York farms and the high-tech industry. Weiner quoted Schumer: “Agriculture is one of our biggest industries in New York state, and it has been in handcuffs. And the handcuffs have been a lack of labor.”

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A rebound year for apples?

Central New York orchards celebrate a ‘normal’ spring

What a difference a year makes. As Don Cazentre of Syracuse.Com (Post-Standard) writes, “comparing the start of the 2013 growing season to the start of the 2012 season is like, well, comparing apples and oranges.”

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There are approximately 694 commercial apple growers in New York, making the state the second largest apple producing state in the United States.

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Senator Schumer joins NY farmers to seek money for hop yard

The Utica Observer Dispatch featured a story today on Senator Schumer joining farmers in Dutchess County to seek federal funds to start New York’s first major commercial hop yard that would help meet demand from New York’s craft breweries for locally grown, organic hops.

Utica Observer Dispatch:  Schumer seeks money for NY’s 1st commercial hop yard

Senate GOP, Valesky pitch agriculture proposals

Casey Seiler, Capitol bureau chief for the Times Union, writes about the GOP’s rollout of a “package of proposals to boost the state’s agriculture industry” Seiler also writes about the GOP’s big ask… a “longed-for rejection of Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s desire to extend the current 18-a energy tax.”

The Business Council has joined with Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos and associations from around the state in calling for an end to the hidden energy tax.

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