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200-room hotel coming to Albany

The Business Review reveals that today, local and state officials will announce that the former Dewitt Clinton hotel in downtown Albany, NY, will be transformed into a 200-room Marriott.

The hotel will be privately funded and compliment the plan to build a publicly funded convention center downtown (near the Capitol).  The hotel would be only the second a full service hotel in downtown Albany and would be located right next to the yet to be built convention center.

The Dewitt Clinton was once one of Albany’s most prestigious hotels before being transitioned to subsidized housing in the 1970’s.  Efforts to revitalize the building that sits adjacent to the Capitol have been have been discussed for many years.

NanoCollege to get federal funding

The Times Union reports that The College of Nanoscale Science and Engineering will get $8.3 million over the next five years through federal funding.  The Nanoelectronics Research Initiative is a computer chip research program.  The NanoCollege is one of three research centers that will share $25 million in funding from the National Institute of Standards and Technology and the Semiconductor Research Corp.

A breakdown of the wiretapping scandal

A story in the New York Times today provides a breakdown of exactly how the wiretapping scandal, that has sent many Albany legislators into a panic,  went down.  Former Senator Shirley Huntley agreed to tape colleagues in the hopes it would help her in a case that federal prosecuters had lodged against her. Huntley taped some of the most prominent elected officials in Queens and Brooklyn who were visiting her home.

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Medical marijuana bill being considered in Albany

Glenn Blain of the New York Daily News reports that legalizing medical marijuana may happen in Albany this session.  Although Governor Cuomo has stated he does not support legalizing it at this time, State Senator Diane Savino stated, ‘Everyone knows this bill will likely pass the New York State Assembly fairly easily.’

Read Blain’s full article on the New York Daily News website. 

Five things to watch for in the post-budget session

The Legislature returned to Albany yesterday to begin their post-budget session.  Nick Reisman of YNN’s Capitol Tonight gives an overview of the political scene in his latest blog post covering the post-budget legislative landscape including the potential for major reforms and the future of the IDC-GOP coalition in light of the corruption case against Sen. Malcolm Smith.

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Politico: Cuomo report sparks NYC tabloid war

Politico reporter Mackenzie Weinger reports for the Dylan Byers on Media Blog that a War of Words has erupted between The New York Post and The Daily News over what is going on in Albany.  Fred Dicker reported in The New York Post that Gov. Andrew Cuomo wants assembly speaker Sheldon Silver to step down after latest scandals in Albany.  The Daily News’ Ken Lovett quotes sources close to the Governor denying this claim.

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Gov. Cuomo insiders deny he is looking to take down Sheldon Silver

Contrary to what was reported in Fred Dicker’s New York Post column this morning, Ken Lovett at The Daily News reports that sources close to Gov. Cuomo are “vehemently denying a report this morning that the governor is considering making a move on Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver as a result of the latest corruption scandals to grip the Capitol.”

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The Business Council unveils webpage of lawmakers who oppose the 18-a utility tax

Today The Business Council of New York State, Inc. unveiled a webpage supporting the growing number of State Senators and members of the Assembly who oppose the proposed five year extension of the Temporary State Energy and Utility Service Conservation Assessment, also known as 18-a.

Click here to see the list of lawmakers and associations who oppose 18a.

“The Business Council stands with 26 other associations throughout the state and the many lawmakers in the Senate and Assembly who reject the proposed extension of 18-a,” said Heather Briccetti, president and CEO of The Business Council. “It’s a broken promise by those who said this tax would be temporary. New Yorkers already pay the highest utility taxes in the nation. In the last two years, the Executive Budget has shown a commitment to fiscal discipline. It should maintain that commitment and allow 18-a to sunset.”

Oppose 18-a

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 [message_box title=”Support the Removal of a Hidden Energy Tax – Let 18a Sunset” color=”red”]A quick look at  your electric energy bill will reveal the “Temporary State Assessment Surcharge.” This assessment was scheduled to be reduced this year, saving electric consumers over $200 million. Extending the fee will cost all energy consumers (businesses, governments, schools, non-profits and residences) in the State $236 million in 2014 and $2.8 billion over the next six years.

Tell Governor Cuomo  New Yorkers pay nearly the highest energy costs in the nation. Electricity is the lifeblood of our economy and must not be burdened by additional taxes, fees, or assessments.[/message_box]