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Contract Procurement: Overcoming barriers to New York businesses

The Public Policy Institute of New York State, Inc. (PPI), the research and education arm of The Business Council of New York State, Inc. released an in-depth study on contract procurement.  The report, Re-examining Issues in Procurement, addresses the challenges companies face when doing business with state and local governments.

The PPI report concludes New York state needs to modernize its procurement process with innovative best practices for the benefit of taxpayers, current vendors and the very companies the state is trying to attract through regional councils and programs like and Start-UP NY. The current process is cumbersome and can cause delays and increase costs for all parties.

The recommendations in the report show what can be done to increase competition, streamline the procurement process, and open avenues of communication between the vendor community and the state.

Read the full report on PPI’s website.  View the press release here.