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Moreland Commission members leaked

Gov. Andrew Cuomo is expected to make an announcement on the Moreland Commission today. The names of appointees were leaked to The New York Daily News yesterday. The 25 member commission will investigate ethics issues and is expected to focus heavily on election activities. The bipartisan panel will have subpoena power and will be comprised of 10 district attorneys, a former US attorney, and several law school professors.

Investigators needed for State Board of Elections?

Ken Lovett of The New York Daily News outlines how last week Governor Cuomo called for a stronger Board of Elections but that the new state budget does not provide any funding for the board to hire investigators. A source in the the Cuomo administration acknowledged that “the structure of the board of elections and other problems have led to insufficient enforcement for many years” and that “reform in this area is among those being considered.”

Read the full item on The Daily News political blog, The Daily Politics

Crain’s: Post-Bloomberg anxiety increases

Businesses fear a city government that’s a den of patronage and backroom deal-making

Crain’s New York Business reporters Andrew J. Hawkins and Chris Bragg take a look at the concerns businesses have as they look at what life will be like after Mayor Michael Bloomberg leaves office, concern that has only been heightened with the bribery scandals that erupted last week.

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Malcolm Smith: The Headlines

Obviously, Malcolm Smith has been making headlines around the state the past day or so.  Here is a rundown of the stories:

Capitol Tonight: Cuomo On Corruption: ‘People Do Stupid Things’

Capitol Confidential: Malcolm Smith’s staff will take a trimming

The New York Times: Jumping From Party to Party to Bribery Charge

Huffington Post: Malcolm Smith Bribery Case: Who’s Who In Alleged Scheme To Make State Senator NYC Mayor (CHART)

The New York Daily News: Fallout from state Sen. Malcolm Smith alleged bribery scandal touches mayor hopefuls on both sides of the aisle

The New York Post: Smith suffers quick power outage

The New York Post: The fall (and fall) of Sen. Smith

The Buffalo News: Malcolm Smith and his “clean elections” push

The New York Daily News: Details of mayoral race bribery scheme implicating state Sen. Malcolm Smith and Councilman Dan Halloran shine light on devious tactics 

Capitol Confidential: Goo-goos say Smith charges show CampFin need

The Times Union: Malcolm Smith vows vindication after FBI arrest

Capitol Tonight Blog:  Why Does This Keep Happening?

The Daily Politics: Mayor Bloomberg: Corruption Charges Make The Case For Non-Partisan Elections

The New York Times: Lawmakers in New York Tied to Bribery Plot in Mayor Race

The Post Standard: Sen. Malcolm Smith stripped of IDC leadership position


National Fuel announces management changes

national-fuel-gas-co-logoNational Fuel Gas Company has elected Ronald J. Tanski as CEO and David Smith as Chairman of the Board. David Smith is The Business Council’s Chairman of the Board. The announcement followed the Annual Meeting of Stockholders.

“National Fuel is in an excellent place with a strategic vision for disciplined development of its assets and significant opportunities for long term growth,” said David F. Smith, National Fuel’s Executive Chairman of the Board. “The election of Ron as Chief Executive Officer represents continued and deliberate succession planning. Over the years Ron has held a leadership position in every one of our business segments. More recently, in his role as Chief Operating Officer, Ron has been successfully running the day-to-day operations of the Company since 2010. This new role for Ron is a well-deserved milestone. As we look to the future, the Board and I believe that our management team, under Ron’s leadership, will continue to drive the Company’s positive momentum.”