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New York Power Electronics Manufacturing Consortium announced

Business Council members General Electric Co., IBM, and GlobalFoundries joined Governor Cuomo to announce the creation of the New York Power Electronics Manufacturing Consortium.

The consortium is expected to create jobs in New York, including 500 in the Capital Region and another 500 in the Rochester area.

The New York Power Electronics Manufacturing Consortium (NY-PEMC) is a public-private partnership of more than 100 companies and universities that will help develop the next generation of materials used on semiconductors at State-owned R&D facilities.  Managed through the newly merged SUNY College of Nanoscale Science and Engineering (CNSE)/SUNY Institute of Technology (SUNYIT), this next generation of semiconductors will enable power devices to get smaller, faster and more efficient as the current material, silicon, has reached its entitlement.

Dr. Alain Kaloyeros, chief executive officer and officer in charge, SUNY CNSE/SUNYIT, said, “Partnering CNSE’s world-class research and development resources with the combined expertise of our corporate and university partners will provide tremendous advances for the business, technology and academic communities.”

GE Chairman and CEO Jeff Immelt said, “GE is proud to support New York’s Power Electronics Manufacturing Consortium, which places New York at the forefront of the next revolution in power. By partnering, we are bringing breakthrough reliable technology to market faster and at lower cost so our customers and global industries see major productivity gains and operate at peak efficiency.”

The partnership is enabled by the START-UP NY tax free initiative, in addition to $135 million in New York State funds provided to CNSE for the establishment of the NY-PEMC facilities, which will attract $365 million in private funds for a total 5-year investment of $500 million.

Collaboration with CNSE will enable the expansion and growth of both major corporate partners and small and medium-sized enterprises within a vibrant power electronics device and systems integration eco-system.

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GlobalFoundries names Sanjay Jha new CEO

GLOBALFOUNDRIES announced last week that Sanjay Jha has been appointed as the company’s new Chief Executive Officer. Jha has served as CEO of Motorola Mobility Inc. and as the COO of Qualcomm Inc.

Ibrahim Ajami, Vice Chairman of the GLOBALFOUNDRIES Board said, “Sanjay is one of the most respected leaders in the technology industry and has a proven track record of consistently delivering shareholder value. His industry background and experience as a foundry customer will position GLOBALFOUNDRIES for continued growth.”

Jha will lead the company’s build out and ramp of its Fab 8 leading-edge facility in Malta, New York, supporting customers at the 14 nm technology node. GLOBALFOUNDRIES will also continue its upgrade of facilities in Singapore and Germany, which serve multiple customers across a spectrum of technologies.

GLOBALFOUNDRIES picks contractor for $2B research hub

Business Council member, GLOBALFOUNDRIES, has chosen another member of The Business Council, M+W U.S. Inc., to build its $2.1 billion research facility at its site in Malta.

Adam Sichko, reporter for The Business Review, writes about the latest expansion for GLOBALFOUNDRIES. Click here to read more.



GlobalFoundries aims for new $10B plant after R&D investment in Malta

GF cleanroomA 280Last week, we learned that GlobalFoundries, a member of The Business Council, would build an R&D center at its site in Malta, a $2 billion investment resulting in an additional 1000 jobs. Now we learn that the tech company may build a new $10 billion computer-chip manufacturing plant, and it, too, could end up on a site within the Luther Forest Technology Campus in Malta.

The news comes from Adam Sichko of The Business Review. Here’s the story:

A new R&D center in Malta, N.Y., will springboard GlobalFoundries Inc. toward a new $10 billion computer-chip manufacturing plant, the company’s CEO said Thursday.

And that factory, which would use next-generation production techniques, could wind up at the company’s 223-acre site within the Luther Forest Technology Campus in Malta, 25 miles north of Albany.

GlobalFoundries president and CEO Ajit Manocha delivered that news Thursday at the University at Albany’s College of Nanoscale Science and Engineering. It was Manocha’s first public appearance in the Capital Region since May 2012—and he gave the strongest hints yet that GlobalFoundries has a desire, and even intentions, to build a second factory in Malta.

“We are committed to the state of New York,” said Manocha, 61. “This journey will continue. GlobalFoundries is committed to doing business in New York and, most importantly, innovation in New York state. There’s a big benefit to doing work right here.”

Click here to read more.

Gov. Cuomo will seek to expand NY’s nanotech sector

This comes to us from Andrew J. Hawkins of Crain’s Insider. It follows news that GlobalFoundries will expand its Saratoga County facilities to the tune of $2 billion. About 1000 new jobs will be created. Here’s his report:

In his State of the State address Wednesday, Gov. Andrew Cuomo will call for an expansion of the state’s burgeoning nanotechnology research sector, citing the recent decision by Abu Dhabi-based GlobalFoundries Inc. to expand its microchip manufacturing plant in Saratoga as evidence of the state’s commitment to innovative technology, a source close to the project said.

The details are still being worked out, but Mr. Cuomo is expected to advocate for the creation of nanotech centers across the state, where private industry and academic institutions can collaborate to create business clusters to assist New York’s struggling upstate economies, the source said.

The Capital Region has already emerged as a hotbed for the nanotech industry, with the University at Albany’s College of Nanoscale Science and Engineering in the midst of an expansion plan. The university was instrumental in attracting GlobalFoundries to build a $4.6 billion microchip manufacturing plant in Saratoga.

“New York is looking to replicate the Albany nanotech model on a statewide basis, and make New York a center for job growth and investment,” the source said.

A spokesman for Mr. Cuomo did not respond to a request for comment.

Upstate New York: GlobalFoundries to build $2 billion R&D center

Governor Cuomo announced the news of the new investment at the GlobalFoundries facility in Saratoga County last night. According to a statement released by the governor’s office, the Technology Development Center (TDC) is expected to result in at least 500 new, high-paying jobs at the TDC, as well as 500 additional jobs at the GF Fab and administration buildings.

“This significant expansion demonstrates that the investments we have made in nanotechnology research across New York State are producing the intended return— the creation of high-paying jobs and generation of economic growth that is essential to rebuilding our state,” Governor Cuomo said. “New York has become the world’s hub for advanced semiconductor research and now, the Technology Development Center will further help ensure the innovations developed in New York, in collaboration with our research institutions, are manufactured in New York.”

GLOBALFOUNDRIES CEO Ajit Manocha said, “As the industry shifts from the PC era to a market focused on mobile devices, we have seen increasingly strong interest from customers in migrating to advanced nodes on an accelerated schedule. To help facilitate this migration, we are making significant investments in strengthening our technology leadership, including growing our workforce and adding new capabilities to make Fab 8 the hub of our global technology operations. New York State’s continued support of the semiconductor industry has created a strong collaborative ecosystem and helped pave the way for this additional investment. The new TDC will help us bridge between the lab and the Fab by taking research conducted with partners and further developing the technologies to make them ready for volume manufacturing.”