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JCOPE says financial disclosures by state officials are due on May 15

JCOPE official web bannerDisclosures to Reveal Values of Holdings, Income and Debt for the First Time

In a press release issued this week, the Joint Commission on Public Ethics announced that “financial disclosure forms to be filed this week by State officials will for the first time publicly reveal amounts of outside income, values of investments and outstanding debts. The new disclosures, pursuant to the Public Integrity Reform Act of 2011, will also reveal certain clients of public officials.”

That information comes during the spate of recent scandals which appear to have no end.

“Disclosure is a critical component to promoting trust in government and under recent reforms the new public disclosures will pull the curtain back on many of our State officials’ outside financial interests,” said Joint Commission Chair Daniel J. Horwitz.

With limited exceptions, those required to file publicly-available financial disclosure statements include State officers and employees in policy-making positions or who make an annual salary of more than $88,256, members of the Legislature, legislative employees, political party chairman in counties with a population of more than 300,000, and candidates for statewide office or a seat in the Legislature.

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Ethics watchdog sends study for possible sanctions in Assembly

Panels Get Sex Harass Report

Jimmy Vielkind of the Times Union writes about the ethics probe of the Assembly’s handling of the sexual harassment claims against Assemblyman Vito Lopez:

The state ethics watchdog has forwarded a report of its findings to two legislative panels for possible sanctions after ending its probe of the Assembly’s handling of sexual harassment allegations involving a senior member.

The announcement on Wednesday means the Joint Commission on Public Ethics has found a “substantial basis” that violations of state law have occurred. The report is private, but should eventually become public.

The JCOPE report goes to the Legislative Ethics Commission, a bipartisan panel charged with weighing violations of legislative law and issuing penalties, as well as the Assembly Ethics Committee “which has jurisdiction over Assembly rules and policies,” according to a news release from JCOPE.

“Subject to limited exceptions, the LEC must make the report public within 45 days,” the release said. “Given the nature of this matter, the Joint Commission urges the LEC to act expeditiously.”

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