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WSJ/Marist/NBC NY poll: Governor Cuomo job approval ratings

SOS-Cuomo-2013Backing For Cuomo Declines Upstate

Last May, Governor Cuomo’s job approval rating hit a high of 70 percent, the highest for a New York Governor in 11 years. That was according to a Quinnipiac poll. Erica Orden writes in the Wall Street Journal this morning that his numbers have dipped since passage of New York’s new gun laws.

Click here to see how voters feel about the Governor in different parts of the state.  [WSJ subscription-based]




Thousands rally at Capitol for repeal of New York’s new gun control law

Although The Business Council has not taken a position on New York’s new gun control law, we thought you would be interested in hearing that nearly 10,000 people rallied at the Capitol today, one of the largest gatherings we have seen here. The pro-gun crowd called on Governor Cuomo to repeal the state’s new gun laws passed by the legislature in January. They ban the sale of most semi-automatic weapons and limit magazines to to seven bullets. It’s not certain if any gun manufacturers make seven round magazines.

Here are some stories that review the gun law:

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Gun Rally