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Names of wire targets due out

Judge Orders Release of Identities of Nine People Recorded

And then there were nine. A federal judge will unseal a document this afternoon that contains the names of nine people who were recorded by former state Senator Shirley Huntley. Six of those people are elected officials. We will post the names as soon as learn of them.

Jimmy Vielkind wrote the story for the Times Union. Click here to read more.

NYTimes: A bid to limit each candidate to one ballot line is stirring debate

The Malcolm Smith  scandal has stirred up debate over the Wilson-Pakula Act of 1947. That act forbids candidates from receiving the nomination of a political party if they are not registered as a member of that party, unless given permission to run on its ballot lines. As Jesse McKinley of The New York Times writes,  “It is a practice that dovetails with New York State’s unique and antique “fusion voting” system, a vestige of 19th-century elections which has been banned by many other states, which allows candidates to run — and collect votes — on multiple party lines.”

Smith, a Democrat, is accused of trying to bribe his way onto the Republican ballot for New York City’s mayor race.

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NY Times: In dark humor and stiff drinks, Albany finds relief from scandal

“They pat each other down. They crack wise about ‘CSI: Albany.’ They vent, in bars and back rooms and on basketball courts.” That’s the start of New York Time’s reporter Jesse McKinley’s story on the return of state lawmakers to work in Albany.  He also described the reception Senator Malcolm Smith received from his colleagues.

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City & State: Malcolm Smith: A man without a conference

An interesting day Monday for Malcolm Smith, the state senator who was arrested by federal agents on bribery charges two weeks ago. The IDC booted him and the Democratic Conference doesn’t want him. As Aaron Short of City & State wrote, “[i]t was a strange day for the man who was once Senate majority leader.

Click here to read Short’s story.


WSJ: Failed real estate deal spurred bribery probe

Pervais Shallwani, Michael Howard Saul and Sean Gardiner, reporters for The Wall Street Journal, worked together to get to the bottom of the bribery scandal that ensnared Malcolm Smith, City Council Member Dan Halloran and four others in New York city. It’s a good read.

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