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Small businesses relieved at ACA delay

The New York Times features an article today highlighting the relief small business owners are feeling from the employer requirement in ACA being delayed. The delay in requiring businesses to provide health insurance to employees if they have the equivalent of 50 full-time employees had caused many businesses, especially restaurant owners to worry about remaining profitable since their profit margins are already so low. Although some will have to make tough decisions, such as laying off workers or hiring more part-time employees, the delay gives business owners another year to plan.

Bill to promote NY-grown products in restaurants passes Senate, Assembly

The Business Council has long supported the Dine: Pride of New York Program bill that was passed by both the Senate and Assembly Thursday. In a bill memo supporting the measure, The Business Council wrote, “Eating organic, the local food movement, and agri-tourism have all contributed to helping local restaurants succeed. The Business Council supports the Dine: Pride of New York program for continuing to find creative ways to bolster New York’s top industries.” Specifically, the memo notes, “This new program is intended to specifically help promote restaurants that use a substantial amount of New York State grown and manufactured ingredients in their menus. Although restaurants are permitted to apply and participate in the original program, the new Dine: Pride of New York program is specifically tailored to restaurants, and the promotional materials and marketing efforts can be used to attract both in-state residents and visiting tourists.”

Indeed, The Business Council’s own Made in New York initiative has gained much attention because of renewed interest by consumers to buy locally. Take a look at our Made in New York website and consider becoming a part of the Made in New York Movement. Promote your business, promote your products, promote New York.

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Crain’s: Cyberattacks on credit-card systems rise

Elaine Pofeldt of Crain’s New York Business reports that Symantec, the online security company, found that cyberattacks on businesses increased by  42 percent in 2012. Pofeldt wrote that restaurants and hotels are the most common victims, followed by retailers.

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