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Governor Cuomo demands Assemblyman Vito Lopez resign

Assembly Speaker Silver Vows to Seek Lopez’s Expulsion

Governor Cuomo told reporters that Assemblyman Vito Lopez should either resign or be booted from the Assembly. His comments came a day after the release of a report detailing accusations of sexual harassment against Lopez from his former staff members. When questioned about Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver’s role in the scandal, the governor “pulled his punches,” wrote Juan Gonzalez, Celeste Katz and Glenn Blain of the New York Daily News.

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Quinnipiac poll: Republicans shifting back to Cuomo

Voters Also Give Governor Low Marks on Corruption

An interesting group of numbers in the latest Quinnipiac University poll: New York voters gave Governor Cuomo a 57-29 percent overall job approval rating. There is a gender gap – men approve 49-39 percent; women – 63-20 percent. But most interestingly, the governor has a 48-39 percent approval rating among Republicans. That’s a shift from 38-49 percent approval rating from the March 19 survey. On his handling of corruption? “The governor, not legislative leaders, should have primary responsibility for cleaning up legislative corruption, voters say 47 – 34 percent, but only 37 percent say Cuomo’s clean-up efforts are “excellent” or “good,” while 52 percent say “not so good” or “poor.”

Voters also rated the State Legislature’s performance and weighed in on the joint leadership of the State Senate.

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Tom Precious: Coup against Silver? Cuomo’s the one feeling the heat

The Buffalo News LogoTom Precious of The Buffalo News wrote a good piece that looks at all sides of the headline story of the week: Fred Dicker’s column that quotes an anonymous source who suggests that Governor Cuomo is seeking the ouster of Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver, a report that was disputed by sources in a Daily News report and by Governor Cuomo, himself. We shared those stories with you Monday. Here’s Tom’s story which looks at the apparent backlash against Governor Cuomo.


Governor Cuomo on ethics package: “I want to pull back the lens.”

Governor Cuomo gave some hints about an ethics package he’s putting together during an interview with Susan Arbetter on her WCNY program, “The Capitol Pressroom” Monday. He also addressed the recent Fred Dicker New York Post column which said the governor was attempting to push Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver out. “Never waste a crisis,” said Cuomo to Arbetter.

Casey Seiler wrote about the interview for the Times Union. Click here to read more.


Politico: Cuomo report sparks NYC tabloid war

Politico reporter Mackenzie Weinger reports for the Dylan Byers on Media Blog that a War of Words has erupted between The New York Post and The Daily News over what is going on in Albany.  Fred Dicker reported in The New York Post that Gov. Andrew Cuomo wants assembly speaker Sheldon Silver to step down after latest scandals in Albany.  The Daily News’ Ken Lovett quotes sources close to the Governor denying this claim.

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Gov. Cuomo insiders deny he is looking to take down Sheldon Silver

Contrary to what was reported in Fred Dicker’s New York Post column this morning, Ken Lovett at The Daily News reports that sources close to Gov. Cuomo are “vehemently denying a report this morning that the governor is considering making a move on Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver as a result of the latest corruption scandals to grip the Capitol.”

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Assembly passes $135 billion budget

Gannett reporters Joseph Spector and Jessica Bakeman break down the specifics of the Assembly approval of the $135 billion budget for the 2013-14 fiscal year. It may be done, but both Republicans and Democrats were unhappy with some of the provisions including cuts to services for people with developmental disabilities and the minimum wage provision.

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