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Rochester D&C: Stay the course on Common Core

The Common Core Learning Standards are a “necessary step toward ensuring success for New York students,” The Editorial Board of the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle said in an editorial published today.

Excerpts from the editorial:

“While newly released results of state-mandated Common Core math and English exams are nothing to pop champagne corks about, neither are they cause for an educational about-face. On the contrary. Educators at the state and local levels must reaffirm their commitment to helping New York’s students master the new, more-rigid curricula.

“They [the Common Core] have the support of the state Business Council and the national Chamber of Commerce because such groups understand the value of a highly educated workforce.

“There is still a long road to travel. But students took a step in the right direction this past year — and that was amid the substantial headwinds of vocal opposition. Think what they could accomplish with a tailwind,” the editorial concluded.