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JCOPE says financial disclosures by state officials are due on May 15

JCOPE official web bannerDisclosures to Reveal Values of Holdings, Income and Debt for the First Time

In a press release issued this week, the Joint Commission on Public Ethics announced that “financial disclosure forms to be filed this week by State officials will for the first time publicly reveal amounts of outside income, values of investments and outstanding debts. The new disclosures, pursuant to the Public Integrity Reform Act of 2011, will also reveal certain clients of public officials.”

That information comes during the spate of recent scandals which appear to have no end.

“Disclosure is a critical component to promoting trust in government and under recent reforms the new public disclosures will pull the curtain back on many of our State officials’ outside financial interests,” said Joint Commission Chair Daniel J. Horwitz.

With limited exceptions, those required to file publicly-available financial disclosure statements include State officers and employees in policy-making positions or who make an annual salary of more than $88,256, members of the Legislature, legislative employees, political party chairman in counties with a population of more than 300,000, and candidates for statewide office or a seat in the Legislature.

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Deal on corruption before end of session?

As new names come to light as part of the federal corruption probe into New York’s legislature, Governor Cuomo announced that has been no significant progress on establishing tougher anti-corruption measures.

Newsday’s Westchester edition quotes Governor Cuomo as saying he won’t let session end ‘without something being done.’  The Governor also said that he may convene a special prosecutorial panel if lawmakers don’t take action.

Although campaign finances have had nothing to do with the wiretapping scandal, many groups are calling for campaign finance reform as part of a deal. Our campaign finance reform expert Heather Jung has been analyzing the latest proposals.  Keep up to date on our campaign finance reform page or contact her at heather.jung@bcnys.org for more information.

NY Times: Corruption charge expected for Senator John Sampson

A story by Times reporters Tom Kaplan and Mosi Secret includes new information about the federal probe of corruption in the New York State Legislature. Much of the evidence compiled by investigators appear to be the result of listening devices worn by lawmakers who themselves have been accused of accepting bribes.

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WSJ: Failed real estate deal spurred bribery probe

Pervais Shallwani, Michael Howard Saul and Sean Gardiner, reporters for The Wall Street Journal, worked together to get to the bottom of the bribery scandal that ensnared Malcolm Smith, City Council Member Dan Halloran and four others in New York city. It’s a good read.

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Malcolm Smith: The Headlines

Obviously, Malcolm Smith has been making headlines around the state the past day or so.  Here is a rundown of the stories:

Capitol Tonight: Cuomo On Corruption: ‘People Do Stupid Things’

Capitol Confidential: Malcolm Smith’s staff will take a trimming

The New York Times: Jumping From Party to Party to Bribery Charge

Huffington Post: Malcolm Smith Bribery Case: Who’s Who In Alleged Scheme To Make State Senator NYC Mayor (CHART)

The New York Daily News: Fallout from state Sen. Malcolm Smith alleged bribery scandal touches mayor hopefuls on both sides of the aisle

The New York Post: Smith suffers quick power outage

The New York Post: The fall (and fall) of Sen. Smith

The Buffalo News: Malcolm Smith and his “clean elections” push

The New York Daily News: Details of mayoral race bribery scheme implicating state Sen. Malcolm Smith and Councilman Dan Halloran shine light on devious tactics 

Capitol Confidential: Goo-goos say Smith charges show CampFin need

The Times Union: Malcolm Smith vows vindication after FBI arrest

Capitol Tonight Blog:  Why Does This Keep Happening?

The Daily Politics: Mayor Bloomberg: Corruption Charges Make The Case For Non-Partisan Elections

The New York Times: Lawmakers in New York Tied to Bribery Plot in Mayor Race

The Post Standard: Sen. Malcolm Smith stripped of IDC leadership position


Senate completes work on budget

At 4:32 this morning, the Senate finished its work on the state budget. In a statement released shortly after, Senate Republican leader Dean Skelos said, ““This is a business-friendly and family-friendly budget because it emphasizes the Senate Republican’s priorities to help businesses create new jobs and provide tax relief to struggling middle-class families.”

Jimmy Vielkind of the Times Union filed this story 11:13 last night. Good detail, including mention of the Fiscal Policy Institute report released yesterday which argued that the proposed tax-credit (to offset the cost of an increase in the minimum wage) would lead businesses to “fire older workers and employ the young to reap the tax benefits.”


Capitol Confidential: Still no budget ‘white smoke,’ and maybe Saturday votes

Times Union reporter Jimmy Vielkind updates us on the latest from Albany on the Capitol Confidential Blog. Leaders emerged from a meeting saying that there is still no final agreement on the state budget meaning, once everything is done, it may not be finalized until Saturday.

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