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IT jobs are the “it” jobs in New York City

IT professionals with experience in security made the biggest gains, with base salaries jumping 61% in 2013

Manhattan-based tech staffing company, Mondo, released a survey showing that the base salary of information technology professionals jumped to $145,000 in 2013. The reasons are simple: cyberthefts and cyberattacks have also jumped, costing companies big money.

Matthew Flamm, reporter for Crain’s New York Business, breaks down the pay increases for other technology professionals. 

Access to credit remains a challenge for small business

Bloomberg News: The Federal Reserve Bank of New York said tight credit restrained the growth plans of many small businesses in 2012, citing a survey of lending in its district conducted in March and April.

Nearly half (49 percent) of firms polled cited access to capital as a barrier to growth, but only a third of firms actually report applying for credit in the last year. While the concern was mostly (66 percent) among those firms operating at a loss, 36 percent of profitable firms also reported difficulty getting the credit they needed to expand their businesses.

Fed New York Survey
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A survey that pays is a very good survey to take.

2013 Health Initiative LogoGive the New York State Worksite Wellness Assessment Project just 10 minutes of your time, and they’ll give you $10!

The Health Initiative is working on an assessment project for New York State to determine what steps can be taken to make it easier for small to medium-sized employers to provide effective worksite wellness programming for their employees.

Is there a way that New York State can make it easier for you to help your employees become healthier? We think you can help us answer that question. If you are eligible to participate in this survey, and fill it out completely you could win a $10 AMAZON GIFT CARD! (Available to the first 150 respondents)

We are looking for decision makers in small to medium-sized businesses (1-1,000 employees) to take this survey.

Taking the survey will only take 10 minutes of your time!  Providing your feedback has the potential to benefit your business in years to come.

All answers are completely confidential.

Thank you in advance for your time!

CEO survey names NY 49th Best State for Business

As the Business Council continues to advocate for laws and regulations that continue to make New York a friendlier place to do business, a new survey by Chief Executive Magazine ranks New York the 49th best state for business.  CEOs surveyed ranked several categories including taxation and regulation, quality of workforce, and living environment.  Read the full survey online at chiefexecutive.net.

Siena poll: Confidence down in every area

The Siena Research Institute released a survey this morning which shows that consumer confidence is down in every part of the state, except New York City.

“After beating the drum of consumer sentiment last quarter, sentiment fell in every region of the state in the first three months of 2013,” according to Dr. Douglas Lonnstrom, professor of statistics and finance at Siena College and SRI Founding Director. “Only New York City residents remain more optimistic than pessimistic while consumers in every other region again see more dark clouds than sunshine. Upstate regions fell by at least two and a half points in Syracuse to over seven points in Utica and Rochester with large, you might say, scary declines in sentiment towards the future. Buying plans weakened in most areas with eighty percent of Upstate plans now below their historic average rate.”

Help us complete the next PPI report!

Is your business involved in contract procurement? Please take a minute to fill out the Public Policy Institute’s revised contract procurement survey.  We need your feedback on this important topic to complete our next PPI report. Please note you will not be asked to provide any personal information.

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Survey: Small businesses believe the economy is still on the wrong track

According to a survey conducted by the U.S Chamber of Commerce, more than half (53 percent) of all small businesses have not hired in the past year, and that 64 percent plan to keep the same number of employees in 2013.

Here’s a snap-shot of the survey:

  • Eight-out-of-ten small businesses (82%) continue to think the U.S. economy is off on the wrong track. More than half, 54%, expect the small business climate to worsen in the next two years.
  • 88% of small businesses are looking for more certainty, opposed to more assistance from Washington

Regulatory Uncertainty Impacts Hiring

  • 86% of small businesses believe that regulations, restrictions, and taxes will negatively impact their ability to operate. Health care regulations cause the most concern, followed by labor rules and environmental laws.
  • 75% of small businesses expect the Affordable Care Act to increase costs for their business; 5% expect the law to make health care coverage more affordable. In terms of hiring, 71% think that implementation of the health care law will make it harder to hire more employees.

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Siena Poll: NY Consumer Sentiment drops 2 points to end 2012

Nation’s Score Plummets

From the latest poll by the Siena (College) Research Institute:

The New York State Index of Consumer Sentiment decreased 2.1 points in December, while the nation’s Index decreased 9.8 points. At 77.3, New York’s overall Index of Consumer Sentiment is 4.4 points above the nation’s* Index of 72.9.

In December, buying plans were down for cars/trucks, 2.6 points to 11.5%, computers, 1.3 points to 17.9%, furniture, 3.2 points to 20.7% , homes, 1.5 points to 2.9% and major home improvements, 0.9 to 16.6%.

“As the holiday season unfolded, and the fiscal cliff conversation played in the background, consumer sentiment eased lower in New York,” according to Dr. Don Levy, SRI’s Director. “Nationally, sentiment fell sharply and dropped once again below the point at which optimism exceeds pessimism. New Yorkers are more confident and today stand ten points above where we stood as last year’s ball landed in Times Square. Still, hold the confetti. At best, consumers are guardedly optimistic toward 2013 as only slightly more anticipate good economic times this year compared to those that predict another tough year and only thirty percent insist that they will be better off by 2014.

“Despite a drop in December, Democrats, the young and New York City residents had the highest overall confidence and the largest gains over the last year. Democrats rose by a striking nineteen points. Consumers now must react to the fiscal cliff deal that may not increase income taxes for most but did not manage to keep the payroll tax holiday in place.”

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