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Thruway Authority plans 234 layoffs, cites $20M savings

Gannett’s Joseph Spector reported on planned layoffs at the Thruway Authority:

ALBANY— The state Thruway Authority said Wednesday that it plans to lay off 234 employees amid its fiscal woes.

The layoffs come as the Thruway Authority seeks to pare costs after deciding last month to drop plans for a 45 percent toll increase on truck traffic on the 570-mile thoroughfare. [Note: The Business Council successfully lobbied against the increase. Click here to see the statement we released following the announcement that the Thruway Authority would not raise tolls on commercial vehicles.]

“There are ongoing fiscal challenges that we face, and further budget savings are necessary,” Thruway spokesman Daniel Weiller said.

The Thruway has 2,968 employees, including at the state Canal Corp. The layoffs would affect both agencies — 192 at the Thruway and 42 at the canal system — and impact the authority’s operations statewide. Workers were notified late Tuesday.

The Thruway’s finances have been troubled amid a decline in traffic and needed repairs to the road, which runs from the Hudson Valley through western New York.

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