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Plan makes SUNYIT nanocenter shovel-ready

The town of Marcy and Mohawk Valley EDGE reached an agreement that will allow for the nanocenter site at SUNYIT shovel-ready.

The Marcy Town Board approved the agreement last week and will now receive a 2-percent host fee in addition to receiving the 9.99 percent of the revenue set aside for taxing jurisdictions.

Town Supervisor Brian N. Scala noted the fee would cover the costs it will incur when companies develop the nanocenter site.

New York Assembly moves to ban fracking another year

Karen DeWitt, reporter for NYS Public Radio/WXXI, posted the following story on a bill to ban fracking in New York until May of next year. The Business Council has long urged Governor Cuomo to end the nearly four years of delays and allow natural gas development in New York. The Business Council released a after yet another delay caused by Department of Health review two weeks ago:

The economic opportunities and potential jobs that it would bring could have a lasting positive impact on the region and the state.

We agree with DEC Commissioner Marten’s when he says that, “the science, not emotion, will determine the outcome” of shale gas development, and that delays in the Department of Health’s Public Health Review does not mean that the issuance of permits for high-volume hydraulic fracturing would be delayed.

With many studies complete it is obvious that the science is clearly on the side of moving forward. Further delay will only have negative impact on our economy and our ability to create good-paying jobs. Heather Briccetti, president & CEO of The Business Council of New York State, Inc.

Click here to read DeWitt’s report.


Utica considers riverboat casino along the Harbor

9WSYR.com reports – “Utica Mayor Robert Palmieri is keeping a close eye on the future, especially as there’s talk of a riverboat casino coming to Utica.

Governor Andrew Cuomo announced plans earlier this year, pushing for three casinos in Upstate New York to generate tourism and some Utica officials say the Utica Harbor would be an ideal location.

“The harbor and the casino can be reached by car, by bus, by boat, or by train,” explained Mayor Palmieri.

The mayor says the Utica Harbor is centrally located and the riverboat could use waterways to share the casino with neighboring cities.”

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Utica Observer – Dispatch Editorial: Our view: Don’t gamble on harbor 

“A proposal to make Utica’s Harbor Point a site for riverboat casino gambling should be rejected not because some might consider the idea far-fetched. It should be rejected because gambling is destructive behavior and a pathetic way to grow an economy.”

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