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Your most engaged staff may be your worst workers

This comes under the heading of interesting, doesn’t it? In a special to The Globe and Mail, Harvey Schachter wrote about research which shows the highest performers are not the most engaged workers. Here are the first two paragraphs of Schachter’s piece – you’ll have to read on.

What if your top performers were not your most engaged employees or were frustrated and considering bolting from your organization, in part because you were letting low performers slough off?

What if your lowest performers were your most engaged employees – so engaged, in fact, that they were recruiting their friends to come on board, perhaps talking up your company because it is, to their minds, a fairly undemanding workplace?

This sounds like a disastrous situation, but luckily it’s not your workplace, right?

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Bill memo: Savino/Englebright bill would pit employees against their employers

Oppose Button-IconThe Business Council strongly opposes S.3863 (Savino)/ A.4965 (Englebright), which would create a new private cause of action for an alleged abusive work environment.Tom Minnick, director of government affairs responsible for labor issues, write the memo. He starts:

Pits employees against their employers

  • This proposal sets a terrible tone in day to day employer/employee relations in workplaces across New York State. The assumptions and remedies in this proposal would give employees perverse incentives to fabricate or enhance everyday problems or disagreements between co-workers or employees and their supervisors in an effort to “hit the lottery” with a generous jury. Many employers make great efforts to provide a positive work environment, backing these efforts with formal dispute resolution processes, written codes of conduct and open door policies. This bill undermines these efforts and will only serve to increase litigation and employers’ exposure to liability for lost wages, medical expenses, emotional distress, punitive damages and attorney’s fees.

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